A rising star in the music industry and an established social media influencer, Mariel Darling, is captivating her audiences with her unique style & sound that pushes all boundaries. The 17 year-old-singer/songwriter originating from Massachusetts loves to personally connect with her hundreds of thousands of fans across social media.  She has taken off her blindfold and is not afraid to show the world the person that lives inside.   

One of Darling’s latest music video “Unknown” received over 276k views on her YouTube Channel. She has over 232k fans and 1.4 million hearts on the popular music app TikTok, and on Instagram Darling has over 50k followers.  

Over the last seven years, Mariel Darling has worked with numerous Grammy award winning and established producers.  Darling is now at a place in her life where she is at ease out of her comfort zone and embraces pushing her art without the fear of judgment or concern.  Most recently, she has been collaborating with major label producers and songwriters Cass Dillon, and Kids of the Forest.  Her music takes her listeners on a “captivating ride with twists and turns”. She is excited to share her latest releases "New Scene" and “Running Away” with her followers and the world. 

Instagram @mariel_Darling

Mariel darling - Running Away





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